Getting the goods


Whitehorse is a thriving Northern community with lots to see and do.


Air Travel:

With two major carriers flying into Whitehorse on a daily basis, its easy to get here.  Air North or Air Canada can get you to Whitehorse in 2-3 hours from major centers such as Calgary, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Edmonton.  


The Drive!!!:

Feeling a little adventurous??  Take a drive up the Alaska Highway or Cassier Highway and hit some great ski spots along the way. 



Whitehorse has a number of hotels and motels, B & Bs, and a hostel or two so there's plenty of places to stay.  If you need assistance with finding a suitable place just get in touch and we can steer you in the right direction.


I'm coming all this way, is there other stuff to do besides skiing?

Of course!  During the spring ski season, the days are long and opportunities for fun endless.  In many years, you can ski in the morning and hit the mountain bike trails back in town that evening! Discover some Klondike history with a tour of Carcross or Skagway, Alaska.  Take a historic train ride through some amazing ski terrain.