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Booking conditions and Waiver


  1. There is a degree of hazard in all mountain activities and we ask that you investigate and consider potential hazards prior to booking. All participants must sign the Skookum Backcountry Adventures (SBA) waiver of liability prior to commencing any SBA program. We ask that you read the waiver to familiarize yourself with it prior to joining us. Please click the following link: sample waiver to read it. If you do not sign the waiver, you will not be eligible to participate and our booking and cancellation policies will apply.

  2. Skookum Backcountry Adventures reserves the right to change or cancel any itinerary or service at any time due to insufficient enrolment, unsafe mountain or weather conditions or other reasons without penalty to SBA. We do our best to keep guests informed of any changes.

  3. The participation of any person on any program is continually subject to the discretion of the program leader and SBA.

  4. Skookum Backcountry Adventures accepts no responsibility for the actions of persons and/or companies supplying goods and/or services as part of these packages or for any extra costs that may arise from the complication or prolongation of any program for any reason.

  5. Your physician must clear any health problems that may affect your participation in any program. It is imperative you disclose any medical condition that could put you, your guide or others safety at risk. Most of our trips, courses and programs are 'active' adventures and we sugggst you contact SBA to ensure you meet the physical requirements. You must show up healthy enough and in appropriate physical conditioning to complete the program without putting yourself or others at risk or negatively affecting the experience of others.

  6. In the unlikely event of an emergency, participants may, depending upon program location be liable for any rescue or evacuation costs incurred either on their behalf or as a result of their actions.



    Waiver of liability